Based in Gifu Prefecture, Hayashi Kougei Co. Ltd. produce washi paper interior decor.

Under the Fores brand, they produce LED lanterns focusing on "Mino Washi", which has a history of 1300 years in collaboration with designer Rina Ono.

Fores was born as a brand that emits Japanese light and tools for everyday life, using quaint Japanese paper from all over Japan.

Fores make full use of the traditional artisanal "Gifu lantern" technique. At the birthplace of Gifu lanterns, they continue to make Japanese interior products from paper that have both beauty and function, while making full use of traditional techniques.

Fores uses the traditional Japanese manufacturing method "Nagashi"
It is said that Japanese paper, which is finished by "Nagashi-shiki" - an ancient Japanese method of manufacture, is strong as a fabric, depsite it being thin, due to the fibers being braided together.

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