100% handmade ethical, authentic, timeless products from Latin America.

Indigena advocates for qualitative artisanal products with a guarantee to be locally produced and fairly remunerated. Indigena wants you to learn about the rich culture of the native people in a way where respect and transparency are central. Every product has been carefully handpicked from the workplace of indigenous communities.

Indigena promises to pay a fair wage directly to the artisans that they work with - there is no middle man involved.
The artisans source a specific type of clay from the shores of the Rio Magdalena river. Once the clay is molded into its desired form, they are dried in the sun and then polished with precious stones. The objects are then placed in the oven at 800°C. Finally, the artisans start the smoking process using a combination of dried local spices. This final step gives the pottery its iconic black color.

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