Jonathan's Spoons


Jonathan's Spoons collection of handcrafted cherry wood utensils has evolved over 40 years of experimentation to create a simple, balanced, and functional design in their woodshop and kitchen in USA. With proper care these wood utensils are meant to last a lifetime.

From the start-up days of producing spoons in a chilly workshop in Maine, Jonathan's Spoons has grown into a successful craft business. He now owns a shop in rural Kempton, Pennsylvania where his two brothers have joined him in handcrafting his many designs.

Jonathan's Spoons aims for their users to enjoy the balance, function and quality they have built into every utensil and that they will serve their customers with pleasure for many years.

Every utensil from Jonathan's Spoons is handcrafted from sustainably grown cherry, which is a hardwood with handsome color and grain, durable, smooth, and strong, in their woodshop in Pennsylvania, USA.

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