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Tea Collective

Original Essential Tea Set

TEA Collective's Original Essential Tea Set is the finest collection of healthy teas, carefully harvested in Korea.

The package contains 3 types of tea - Wooengcha enhances the immune system of the body while Bipaip-cha helps to refreshen your body and boost the appetite. Lastly, Oksusu Suyeom-cha is great to reduce body swelling.

Package is made of Korean traditional hemp cloth, wrapped using a traditional korean method. Rinse tea leaves before use, and brew with boiled water. You can also drink it as iced tea.

Tea Varieties
Wooeong-cha (Burdock Tea) 5g
Oksusu Suyeom-cha (Corn Silk Tea) 5g
Bipaip-cha (Burdock Tea) 5g

Around 5 servings each / total 15 servings.

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