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Plissé Silk Scrunchie | Acacia

A slightly oversized plissé satin silk scrunchie with the Azur label.

Made from organically produced cruelty-free silk fabric made by fairly paid skilled artisans in Jharkhand (India), botanically hand-dyed in Azur's studio in Marseille (South of France), sewn and hand-pleated in a one-hundred-year-old family workshop in Marseille (South of France).

Each plissé is unique, with slight color variation, waves of pleating and flaws inherent to the hand dyeing and hand pleating process. This is considered artifacts of their production and proof of their authenticity.


Elastic band composition : 40% organic cotton and 60% natural rubber.

Available in 3 color variants. Off-white is dyed with myrobalan tree, beige is dyed with acacia tree, orange-red is dyed with madder roots. 

The pleating on silk is not permanent; in order to preserve it we recommend to keep away from water and suggest professional soft dry clean only. The pleating will evolve and soften over time as you wear it, in order to maintain it in its best condition, we advise to always store the garments gently rolled-up in its fabric pouch. Botanically dyed colors may fade if left in the sun, in order to preserve them we recommend storing the pieces in a dark place.

Handcrafted in Marseille, France. 100% satin silk.

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