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Blue Spruce Solid Shampoo

A gently cleansing shampoo for daily use on oily / normal hair. Smells like a forest bath and lathers just like any other shampoo.

Please note that smell and color can vary depending on the time of year. Comes in a custom Kraft box. Approximately 80 washes per bar.

Made by Eastside Remedios for Loam.

Lather well in your hands with water and massage into your hair and scalp. Rinse well.

Available in 59 ml dropper bottles.

- Cruelty free
- Wild harvested
- 100% Vegan
- Ecologically grown

Blue spruce hydrosol, yucca root, lye, coconut oil, texana olive oil pomace, castor oil, blue spruce infused Polk's Folly lard, shea butter, cocoa butter, rice bran oil

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