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Takada Tawashi

Washi Dustpan | Black | S

Unlike dustpans made from plastic material, this dustpan is made with layers of sturdy Japanese paper, WashiLightweight, thin, and flexible.

The colour of these dustpans comes from Bengara- a red earth pigment, which has been an important coloring agent such as in paints, pottery, and lacquerware.

The ancient colour of Bengara is resistant to sunlight, air, heat, and alkalinity. Traditionally applied as paint for houses from the function of antiseptic/insect repellent in Japan.

As it is made with natural materials, it does not cause static electricity. Small dust easily comes off without sticking to the surface.


Made by hand in Japan from Japanese paper, Washi.

D 20 x H 7 x W 21 cm
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