• Alma Cutlery Set | Polished Finish
  • Alma Cutlery Set | Polished Finish


Alma Cutlery Set | Polished Finish

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Stilleben's Alma cutlery set is designed for everyday life and for special occasions. The Alma Cutlery set comes in a box with four pieces and is available in two variants: A practical matte polish and a festive polished version.

The proportions of each piece has been updated to contemporary eating habits. Specifically the teaspoon has become larger and suited to eat desserts and as a serving spoon for pesto and other condiments. The knife's proportions are minutely related to our Memphis Plates. It sits comfortably without sliding down.

Stilleben's tableware collection is made for everyday use and the items to be favourites for years, with a quality and expression that elevates and celebrates the every day.

— Designer: Ulrik Nordentoft for Stilleben
— Material: 100% Stainless Steel⼁Foodsafe product
— Mesurements: Knife 218 mm⼁Fork 199 mm⼁Spoon 199 mm⼁Teaspoon 153 mm
— Care: Dishwasher safe
— Packaging: Comes in a natural cardboard box with display
— Production: China