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Aquiares Anaerobic Natural

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The farm of Aquiares is placed upon the hilly slopes of the Turrialba volcano in Costa Rica. The farm at Aquiares dates back to 1890, but it hasn’t been until the past few decades where Alfonso Robelo took control the farm, that a transformation towards a high-quality and environmentally sustainable model of production has taken place.

These days, Alfonso’s son Diego manages the day-to-day operations at the farm. Diego has continued his father’s lead and has innovated significantly, in order to reach greater heights of quality and sustainability.

Large spaces on the farm are designated as protected biological corridors in order to ensure the continuing flourishing health of the of the plants and animals in the area. Projects that the farm has conducted have shown a positive effect from this agroforestry on the health of their soils.

In terms of long term environmental sustainability, a high natural level of soil health is extremely important in ensuring that plants can receive the levels of nutrition required to flourish in their environment and produce abundant, sweet fruits. All this, without the need for outside inputs that can be damaging to the surrounding habitat.

New research and experimentation have also been conducted with the type of coffee varieties that Aquiares are planting and also the post-harvest processing of the coffees. This coffee is a wonderful testament to all of these innovations.