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Githembe AA

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Our newest Kenyan selection Githembe AA has a "classic" Kenyan profile, characterised by its luscious, jammy notes and an intense, flavour-packed experience. Each sip reveals a remarkable richness, a well-structured composition, and great depth.

As typical in Kenya, Githembe works with a cooperative model. This means there is a group of self-employed farmers who each grow their own coffee. After picking the ripest and highest quality coffee cherries, the farmers then sell directly to the wet mill for processing into the green coffee that Prolog receives. The smallholder farmers delivering cherries to the Kaiguri mill have an average of 250 coffee trees each. Other crops grown are maize, bananas and beans, in order to diversify the growing environment and provide supplementary income for the farmers.

We have omni-roasted this lot, which means it can be preferred just as well as filter coffee, or as espresso.