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Gato Mikio


KEURA Cup made from high quality, Kalopanax septemlobus wood.

KEURA, meaning beauty and grace, is quoted from a passage, “The child’s beauty was so dazzling that it was otherworldly” in “The Tale of Bamboo Cutter,” which is the oldest tale in Japan, written in around the 9th or 10th centuries.

The shapes of KEURA are straight and slender like bamboo, and make this series simple and soft to touch to your mouth. Feel the texture of the wood and the lines of beauty, when using KEURA for various occasions.

Made by hand in Yamanaka onsen, Japan.

φ 76 x 73 mm
Designed by Satoshi Umeno
Available in 2 varieties of Kalopanax septemlobus wood.
Since made by hand, each piece has variations.
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