• Pennyroyal the Ancient Mint | Sachet
  • Pennyroyal the Ancient Mint | Sachet

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Pennyroyal the Ancient Mint | Sachet

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Usually growing a wild weed, this tea has a culinary past dating back to the ancient Greeks and Romans.

The sweet, highly aromatic Pennyroyal Mint had a significant role in the ancient Greeks and Romans’ cuisine. Its culinary use dwindled during the Medieval era. Today it is used mostly as an herbal tea; however, creative cooks will love its looks and flavor. Trimmed and packaged by hand in-house at Daphnis and Chloe, it is available in small quantities.

This mint has a sweet, floral fragrance and a slight cooling effect. Use a small quantity to add a flavor that reminds of spearmint to your stews, soups, or syrups.
To use as an herbal tea, you’ll need a teaspoon (1g) per teacup. Simmer for 5′ at 95C, covered. Strain and serve.

Recyclable sachets:
Made of 100% recyclable PPL and printed on FSC certified paper, these contain slightly more product than the jars and work well as a refill version.

*Avoid during pregnancy and lactation without medical advice.