• Starter Kit Floor Cleaner | Naranja n°55


Starter Kit Floor Cleaner | Naranja n°55

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Cleaning floors can feel daunting. But not anymore, my friend. Our Floor Cleaner is created to rinse and protect your floors — regardless of your type of flooring. With a near to neutral PH, it’s a superb choice for your wooden, concrete, or natural stone floors.

Buy it once, refill it forever.

— Vegan
— Palm-oil free
— No single-use plastic

Each cleaning kit offers you all the items you need to start cleaning immediately! Namely:

1 x Glass Forever bottle

1 x Vial of Floor cleaning concentrate

The Floor Cleaner does not come with a trigger sprayer, because it is not used as a spray but diluted in a bucket of water.

Got your bottle? Follow these three simple steps before and you're ready to go.

1. Pour the cleaning extract concentrate into the bottle.
2. Top up the bottle carefully with cold water until it's full.
3. Swirl it!
4. Dilute a dash of floor cleaner in a bucket of water and get started.

Our formulas are designed to be delicate yet extremely efficient to your home. Meaning both the house you live in and the environment you inhabit.

ethoxylated alcohol – alcohol ethoxylate propoxylate – alkyl amide ethoxylate – octylglucoside – trisodium salt – isopropyl alcohol – bronopol – citric acid – natural fragrance