Blending Tea Set

kr219.50 kr439.00

TEA Collective's Blending Tea Set is developed based on their original tea range of high quality, korean harvested tea. 

Yuza Vitamin tea is blended with sugar-free Yuza cha (Lemon tea), Mandarin peel, Quince and Rosemary. The vitamin tea is a great source to obtain vitamin C and it helps to refreshen the body and mind. Young mugwort tea is blended with rosemary, and made into a fine mixture of Eastern and Western herbs. Young persimmon leaves are blended with lemonbalm which helps good sleep and body relax.

Wrapped in Hanji (Korean Traditional Paper) using a traditional korean method.

Tea Varieties
Yuza Vitamin 35g
Ssug Rosemary 20g
Gamip Lemonbalm 20g

Around 10 servings each / total 30 servings.

EXPIRES 04/05/2024