Solid Wide Tuck Wool Pants | Charcoal

kr950.00 kr1,900.00

Wide tuck pants made of wool blend. These are wide-fit pants with a structural shape and an outside line that looks dot-boying. The rear obi is banded so that it can be worn comfortably, and the hem is highlighted with bejaw details made of velvet fabric.

It is an attractive item that is finished with buttons so that the hem size can be adjusted using the bezo on the back of the pants, so that you can create the desired silhouette. The pants have added a lining to enhance the completeness of the pants to provide a soft fit when worn. It is easy to adjust the waist width according to the body shape using the belt ring.


Use of wool blended material
Wide chin detail
Structural silhouette
Rear oblique banding processing
Velvet fabric beige details on the hem
Adjustable silhouette with hem buttons
A soft fit with lining

Wool 92% Nylon 6% Polyurethane 2%


Female model is 171cm tall and wearing a size 0.

Size 0 equals S
Size 1 equals M