Birrot was founded in Copenhagen in spring 2018 by Kyeongmin Kim and Seyoung
Hong. Its name is derived from the Korean word birrot or therefore, to draw a process to
its conclusion.

The studio has an appreciation of Scandinavian and Korean aesthetics and translates
elements of each into its first womenswear collection.

The collection is stimulated by contemporary culture and emotional curiosity. The studio combines two different perspectives with a sense of wonder which together form an unexpected art.

Birrot designed our garments with technical fabrics, rich colours based on our own sophisticated aesthetic of Korea and Japanese pattern cutting skills which include precision and comfort of body.

Birrot’s collection explores the strength within delicate shapes. The minimalist attitude manages to stay structured and still convey precise elegancy.

The studio constantly continues to experiment with Korean materials in Birrot’s limited edition seasonal collections.