The Copenhagen-based brand Aiayu, run by founder and creative director Maria Høgh Heilmann & CEO Maria Glæsel, is rooted in high quality, responsibility, and love for exclusive natural materials.

Aiayu, which means "soul" in the original Bolivian language, Aymará, was founded in 2005 by designer Maria Høgh Heilmann. For the first several years, the brand was built around llama wool from Bolivia, but the collections have since been expanded with styles made from exclusive yak and Sartuul wool, cashmere from Nepal, and GOTS-certified Chetna cotton. All materials and every single producer in the supply chain meet Aiayu's strict requirements for responsible and respectful production. The brand produces exclusively in certified factories that use solar energy and advanced water purification plants, which make it possible to recycle resources in a closed loop. All fibers used in production are carefully chos for their warmth, softness, and durable properties, and Aiayu works with the natural colors of the materials as often as possible. The natural colors are not only clean and biodegradable – they are also timeless and complement the Scandinavian and minimalist design in the best way.