Back in 2017 Lea Høyer became acquainted with the jewelry profession and instantly became drawn by the water-cast technique, and today her whole business is centered around this technique.

When Lea Høyer designs her jewelry, it is through the organic process, where she melts the material and drops it into a bowl of water. On the bottom of the bowl an imperfect, organic shape is created by the water. Therefore, Lea is inspired to make new collections in the process, and she never knows exactly how the shapes will develop during the process of a new collection.

At Lea Hoyer the new collections build upon previous collections with the aim of refining and developing a cohesive universe consisting of jewelry for everyday use and for special circumstances.

Lea Hoyer believes that jewelry is the perfect way to mark and to remember special occasions or persons, and she always strives to create jewelry that is wearable for generation to come.