Founded in late 2021 by twin sisters Amalie and Cecilie Moosgaard, LIÉ STUDIO is a Copenhagen-based brand specializing in timeless, versatile jewelry designed for the modern, busy woman's everyday wardrobe.

With years of experience in the fashion industry, the sisters saw a need for jewelry that would cater to the busy woman's everyday uniform, adding a timeless yet elevated touch to any outfit. The collections reflect the brand’s vision of creating pieces that can be worn over and over again.

With a fast-paced lifestyle in mind, the Co-Founders and Creative Directors have designed versatile pieces that effortlessly adapt to various occasions throughout the day without compromising on the choice of materials and quality.

As LIÉ STUDIO continues its journey to become a global brand, Amalie and Cecilie Moosgaard’s personal uniforms will serve as a source of inspiration for the brand’s future collections.