Louise, founder of Tyst Te, took her first sip of Japanese green sencha tea in Paris many years ago and it was the beginning of a lifelong love affair. Traveling to Japan some years later, she learned about the rituals and traditions of the Japanese tea ceremony and experienced how these can be adapted to everyday life. Louise learned how to enjoy tea on a daily basis. The Japanese attention to aesthetics and nature is also affirming to the way se has always lived her life. Simplicity, clarity, materiality and nature’s essence bring pleasure, insight and calm.

With Tyst Te, she wants to share her love for Japanese tea and the quiet space one can create around a simple tea ritual. In his essay, The Book of Tea, Japanese scholar Okakura Kakuzō describes the Sukiya or tearoom as an ephemeral structure built to house a poetic impulse. Tyst Te is founded upon this idea, a personal teahouse for a meaningful break from daily life and thoughts.