Prolog's goal has always been quite simple: To give their guests and wholesale customers an amazing coffee experience.

They love to put in effort to make a great product. They love to serve something of great quality to the people who visit them in their coffee bar and to the coffee bars, restaurants, bakeries, etc. who use their coffee beans.  

Since they opened their doors in 2016 every day in Prolog has been a part of the journey to get closer to this goal - which is the meaning behind the name Prolog. It’s always a beginning.

Their roastery is an essential part on their journey to provide an amazing coffee experience. A wide understanding and repeatedly conscious work of roasting and tasting of their core product, coffee, constitutes an essential part of making a special coffee experience.

Making an amazing product in the form of roasted coffee requires amazing green coffee. They believe it’s only possible to produce amazing green coffee by paying a price that supports the production of such a product - hence supporting the growth of a sustainable nature. They regard it self-evident that a sustainable nature is intrinsically connected to the production of amazing green coffee.