Skall Studio is a danish conscious fashion and lifestyle brand, which in 2014 was established by the sisters Julie Skall and Marie Skall. With a consistently sustainable and conscious approach to design and development, Skall Studio has created a design universe with effortless and elegant styles.

Skall Studio combines the art of simplicity and functionality, and the design is built on minimalist aesthetics with clean lines that last season after season.

The concept is to build the perfect wardrobe with timeless clothing for any occasion that is not affected by fashion trends and overproduction. Skall Studio combines timeless elegance, sustainability, quality and aesthetics, which together create the most beautiful products. 

Today the seashells are an endless source of inspiration for the brand. The seashells remind the sisters of the nature in Northern Jutland which they grew up in and their ancestors’ simple way of living. That less is enough. Values that the sisters wish to pass on to everyone buying a Skall piece.