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TINA MARIE CPH creates ceramic objects with focus on high quality and craftsmanship. All is handmade and produced solely in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Every material, color, glaze and techniques are carefully developed to underline each other. All processes are done by hand, which gives variations to each piece. All pieces are made in stoneware, thrown on the potterswheel and all are glazed by hand in glazes developed by Tina Marie herself.

In the creation of ceramic pieces, her aim is to develop a mix of materials and surfaces that gives the most sensual experience. Subtle silhouettes with unpretentious details, caused by the ceramic processes and materials. Shaded color combinations and vivid surfaces plays the most important role to her. You will find slight imperfections and marks, which tells about the process of creation, contributing to the uniqueness and beauty of the forms and which is part of the character of the individual handmade piece.