Sculpting Tool


Naturally Lift & Smooth. Define, lift and smooth out fine lines with this multi-sculpt face tool. Made from antimicrobial and shatter proof stainless steel.

Use with the Ritual Serum for optimal glide across the face, neck and décolletage.

Made of 100% stainless steel. Antimicrobial and shatter-proof.

Sculpts & lift
Defines the jawline, cheekbones and browbones
Smooths fine lines
Drains puffiness
Promotes circulation
Relieves muscle tension
Expels toxins

A sculpting face tool has been an essential in my skin care practice for years, for its compelling ability to naturally define and smooth.

Though just as meaningful is the impact it will have on how your will skin feel and function with this daily practice; increasing circulation to decongest below the surface, improving oxygen flow to repair damaged skin tissue, and providing pathways for essential nutrients to reach cells.

This is a ritual best practiced gently, with consistency. Our interpretation comes in stainless steel, a last-forever material to support your skin for years to come.