Extra Hōjicha | Sand Roasted Artisan Blend


This Extra Hōjicha is a blend of first flush stems and Bancha leaves, harvested in the Kyoto region and sand roasted carefully according to artisanal production methods dating back to the Edo period. Hoijcha will enhance the flavors of any meal and can be enjoyed any time of the day due to its low levels of caffeine.

In the cup: the stems, once roasted, develop a warm, strong and inviting nutty aroma and the clear amber brew reveals caramel-like, toasted bread notes.


Packaging: 100g, Oxygen Free Bag
Tea: Bancha
Production method: Sand roasted
Terroir: Kyoto region

Nettovægt: 100g
Ingredienser: Økologisk Ristet Grøn Te
Oprindelse: Kyoto
Opbevares tørt og køligt

How to brew

Hōjicha is best brewed in a small, preheated teapot and with full attention.

You can brew several times on the same leaves, adjusting the water temperature and brewing time.

Below a suggestion for brewing this tea, but please experiment and find your own favorite cup.

Use 6g for 200 ml water.
1. brew: water 95°C / 40 sec.
2. brew: water 100°C / pour immediately
3. brew: water 100°C / pour immediately

This tea is also perfect for cold infusions, using either still or sparkling water.