A comfortable mattress is essential for a good sleep.

The art is in creating a base which is flexible, but still supportive and this is where natural latex differs from conventional products.

Made from pure rubber milk, the natural substance is poured into molds and baked at 100 degrees, creating a breathable mattress of highest ergonomic quality.


- Svanemærket
- Made from 100% natural latex core and 100% organic cotton cover
- Height: 19 cm
- Firmness: Medium or Firm
- 7 ergonomic comfort zones
- Sizes from 140 cm and wider consist of two cores - thereby different hardnesses can be freely combined
- Choose whether the mattresses should be in one large one or for individual covers (only individual ones with a width of 200 cm)

- 30-day right to exchange the hardness of the mattresses for a price of DKK 500
- 10-year guarantee on the dimensional stability of the mattress
- Removable cover which is recommended to be cleaned and cared for by vacuuming, airing and stain removal