• No.20 | Venus Pearl
  • No.20 | Venus Pearl


No.20 | Venus Pearl

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“Venus Pearl” the microcosmic pearl of Venus, this tiny shell is the size of a pearl. Within the small shape, a spiral orbit can be found. This represents the mystery in what seems small.

Style as choker, anklet or bracelet. Perfect for layering with other pieces. 

Handcrafted from recycled sterling silver in New York City.  


Made from recycled sterling silver. Includes sterling silver piece, silk cord and 40 cm snake chain.

Imperfections are intentional and honored. Each piece is based on and model after actual found shells. Textures, markings and patterning on each shell holds environmental information which is embraced in this study.

Silk cords included with each pendant vary in width and will have color variations. 
Color options: cream/light periwinkle (color varies in tone from a very light periwinkle to cream), navy, royal blue, light blue, grey-blue.