Pinboard w. Linen Canvas | Small | Oak


Pin board painstakingly handmade in Manufakture's Copenhagen studio.

Ideas are wonderful things, and as such they are worth safekeeping. Instead of piling them up and storing them away to be forever forgotten Manufakture’s Pinboard allows you to display them proudly to the world (and yourself).

The frame of all Pinboards is made of solid wood and the canvas of 100% pure linen cloth. The wood is supplied by a quality wood provider on the countryside of Sealand. All wood is certified and picked to meet their standards. 

As natural material there will always be variations in colour and graining of the wood. On the reverse side of the pinboard there is a wooden frame for the hanging. This provides the unique hidden hanging and also makes it possible to hang the pinboard on all four sides. Hanging for the wall is supplied with each Pinboard.

The pinboard is treated with wax. The treatment suitable for indoor use lifts the wooden structure and glow.

Available in two sizes.

Small: 67,5 x 94,5 cm
Medium: 94,5 x 135 cm

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