Kitchen Cloth | Dried Linen | Set of Two


Say goodbye to unnecessary micro-plastic in your kitchen. With our 2-pack aiayu kitchen cloths, you will have a durable and practical helper in your kitchen that effectively cleans all surfaces without harming the environment. These cloths are made from heavyweight organic Chetna cotton, and are durable with a waffle-like texture, featuring stylish details like a graphic aiayu logo and raw, frilled hems. 


100% Organic Chetna Cotton, origin India.

Chetna is a non-profit program that helps farmers earn better incomes through sustainable agriculture. Chetna practices agroecological farming, which goes ‘beyond organic’ to improve local ecosystems. Chetna cotton is GOTS-certified, locally sourced & refined in India on a BSCI-certified facility, ensuring a high level of social responsibility and environmental management.