No17/7 | Planetary Spiral


No. 17/7 “Planetary Spiral” features a spiraling growth pattern mirroring the descent spiral of goddess/planet Venus, while on the other side, the shell resembles a planet.

You can wear this piece spiral side facing up or planetary side facing up. Style as choker, anklet or bracelet. Perfect for layering with other pieces. 

Wear as a set of 3 in a mix of assorted sizes, or each shell alone.

Handcrafted from recycled sterling silver in New York City.

Each necklace comes with a 16 inch (≈ 40.5 cm) sterling silver snake chain + silk cord – colours subject to availability. 

Made from recycled sterling silver. Includes 3 sterling silver pieces, 16 inch snake chain + silk cord.

Imperfections are intentional and honored. Each piece is based on and model after actual found shells. Textures, markings and patterning on each shell holds environmental information which is embraced in this study.

Wearing pieces often will naturally prevent tarnish due to the oils of the skin.

Snake chains are sensitive and delicate. If snake chains come in contact with fine dirt or sand particles, the integrity of the chain may be lost or cause damage. *any repairs to the chain within 3 months of receiving your order are free of charge.