Tawashi Slim | Kitchen

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Durable and long-lasting, easy and gentle to use for cleaning pots and pans, cuttingboards, dishes. Also great for removing scorching and rust, kitchen sinks, bathtubs, floors, dirty boots, and anything else that can use a heavy-duty scrubbing.

The Tawashi lifts away dirt one bristle at at time, so regular water is sufficient enough for normal washing-up. For greasy or heavily soiled items, apply only a small amount of dishwashing liquid to the bristles. 

The Tawashi brush is a fantastic alternative to modern kitchen tools made from synthetic materials.


Made by hand in Japan from SHURO (Trachycarpus fortune or windmill palm) attached to a cord for hanging when drying.

W 5.5 x D 10 x H 3 cm

Useful for:

- Washing dishes, drinking vessels, and ceramics
- Washing cookware such as a colander, knifes or cuttingboards
- Washing soil from root vegetables
- Peeling the skin of vegetables
- Massaging / exfoliating when bathing
- Removing dirt and stains from clothing